A Little You Time

If everyone depends on you, take care of you.

If no one depends on you, take care of yourself.

Airline oxygen masks are meant your first, then others. You can’t help anyone if you aren’t set first.

Productivity Reminder 30

See It. Track It.

Person development, and growth in general, can seem like a never ending circle of stops and starts.

The problem stems from not knowing three things:

  1. Where you started
  2. Where you want to go
  3. Where you are now

The solution is to track progress. You can get creative and build your own scoreboard.

Get someone else to track progress with you on the same scoreboard for added incentive.

A yearly writing challenge called NaNoWriMo takes place every November. 50,000 words in 30 days. Write a novel in one month. Big goal. Scoreboard required.

Dave Seah created a tracking method for the contest. A simple piece of paper, and a little effort, can make all the different between success and failure in achieving goals.

Nanowrimo 2019 Word Tracking Calendar for November!

The Big Game

I plan.

I plan everything. I leave no detail unsorted.

My wife thinks I’m crazy. She’s more the “go with the flow” type.

We make each other crazy on trips.

The point here is that planning is a practice that always pays off. Every time. You might not get the result you wanted, but you will get a result lesson.

Attached is an article about how planning impacts everything.

If you are willing to plan a vacation, shouldn’t you be willing to plan your life?



If you don’t know what that means, google it.

The below linked article talks about how the more were do something that feels good, over time, the returns diminish.

It’s a good lesson in this day and age: delayed gratification. The payoff is much greater in the long run.

The author, Mark Manson, has a unique writing style.

Reader discretion is advised