I’m being overly dramatic.

I’ve written about fighting the resistance within us before. It’s worth revisiting.

For many people fear plays a part in our lives. It’s a natural part of our existence.

Fear, for thousands of years, kept us alive. It’s a left over survival instinct and it can get in our way.

Our brains are meant to keep us safe from lions and tigers not busses.

We aren’t meant to be under constant threat of a utility bill. That pressure messes with our psyche. It makes us avoid things we shout be dealing with.

Freedom from the weight of fear is found in facing those fears.

Life fears. Work fears. All fears.

Steve Pressfield’s book, The War of Art, talks about fighting this urge to run away from our fears. It’s about training our minds to not react with a “fight or flight” instinct but with rationality.

There’s no running from a garbage bill.

Facing the things that make you uneasy or nervous is the first step in consistently choosing to do hard things and face hard realities.