I had this experience today with a new piece of equipment.

In photography, as with many things, there are standards and expectations. Photography gear is meant to work together regardless of manufacturer. That way a consumer is able to mix and match equipment to Thies liking

I bought a new microphone for my video rig. The tripod mount thread appears to be different than it should be.

Who’s wrong here? Me or the equipment?

Answer: Me.

I made the assumption that the threading would be the same. It’s not a huge deal but it presents a lesson: expectations vs. reality.

This happens in our world all the time. The reasons are irrelevant. What is important is that when it happens our responses speak volumes.

In this case, I’ll go to the hardware store and get a bolt that works. No drama. No over reaction.

In your world, when you find the threading not fitting like you expect, how are you reacting?

The next time this happens try and consider your response before responding. I bet your outcome will be more to your liking.