I had my yearly eye appointment today and I had my eyes dilated. If you’re unfamiliar with the process it goes like this: the optometrist places drops in your eye to chemically force your irises open. It allows a better view of the back of your eye, where disease can start.

The drops sting and you’re left with suboptimal vision for a few hours. It also looks like the sun is exploding.

I chose to do this. I deliberately chose to degrade my vision.

Why? It allows my doctor the chance to do a more thorough examination. The drops’ effects wear off.

The larger lesson is where are you avoiding something because the entry price is too painful? A few seconds of sting and a few hours of struggling to read meant that I was able to get a good eye exam.

Pain and being uncomfortable is the way your body tells you something is wrong. It’s also an indicator you’re pushing the limits.

Pain can be a path to growth. Not that you intentionally inflict yourself.

I mean you shouldn’t avoid things because the cost seems to great.

Look at what you’ll be on the other side. Diets are hard. Higher education is hard. Work is hard. But being healthy, graduating, and career advancement don’t just happen.

For me, for today, I have healthy eyes.