So I had this experience today.

I was trying to get something out of a vending machine. Of course, the little spider thing didn’t quite turn enough to give me my Pop Tarts.

I, like everyone else, shook the machine a few times. Some guy from across the hall stuck his head out of a room and yelled at me: Hey! Don’t do that.

I stared at him and he went back inside.

I was at work and if I had been anywhere else, words would have been spoken.

And while I was stewing about it a lesson occurred to me.

That guy had 10 ways to approach the situation. If I was disturbing something, and was was explained that, I would have apologized.

Instead that guy came in guns blazing got my “Keep talking, asshole” glare.

So, where in your life are you approaching situations over aggressively? Where would a measure of CALM DOWN be beneficial?

You never know what someone else is going through. Rather that being concerned about your stuff maybe you can consider others.

One thought on “Hey! Don’t Do That

  1. This be true. For example, I’m not sharing on FB that I’m currently looking for a job but it definitely is having an effect on me even though I’m months from any real crunch. ~Be Well 😀


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