I have taken the last few years trying to understand the power of self examination.

It has taken a while for me because it’s hard. A lot of what self help coaches talk about is some form of looking inward.

The problem is that we are all liars. We lie to ourselves most of all. Ever justify something to yourself where the reasoning was shaky? Lies.

Being objective is hard. It’s much easier to look at someone else and make a dispassionate judgement. Try and make a decision but have your baggage along for the ride? Chaos.

Garrett J. White has a tool called the General’s tent. David Allen (and many others) call this the weekly review. Jim Rohn calls this time for reflection.

I’ve linked below a simple tool to help you drive at the heart of a situation. Try it and see if you can objectively look at an event with an eye to improvement.

The problem with microscopes is that they only see in one direction.

The Real ABC’s