The past few weekends have been rough.

Lots of stuff that needed to get done but very little interest on my part.

My hands, back, and head are all suffering. My wallet has also taken a beating.

Today I hit my wall. My mood went downhill and stayed there. I was pissed about having to surrender my weekends doing things I don’t care about.

I need a little “me” time. I didn’t get it and I won’t.

The lesson here is it didn’t have to get to that point. I should have seen myself redlining and backed off.

Instead I ignored it, had other things pile on, and hit my breaking point.

Where are you redlining and not dealing with all the stuff that’s bugging you?

Volcanoes don’t just erupt. They build pressure and then they blow.

Find your pressure valve and let it do it’s work.