Otherwise known as the “What the hell just happened?” incident.

On the plane ride to my wedding I was traveling with two of my groomsmen.

This was in the pre 9/11 world when getting a whole row to yourself was common. That was the case on this flight. Nearly everyone had their own private rows.

One of my groomsmen got the great idea for the three of us to sit together. The only completely open row was 36.

We’re bigger guys so the three of us didn’t fit. We were squished and uncomfortable. The seats also didn’t recline.

Good intention, bad choice

Think about a time when you made a decision with the best of intentions and had it go south. What lesson did you learn? Can you apply that lesson everyday and head off disasters?

A moment of consideration can save hours of torment.

Addendum: the flight attendants immediately knew what we did and exactly why it was a bad idea. They did laugh at us but gave us beers