I needed a shovel. At the hardware store I had ten options. I went with the cheapest.

And this was the result.

I forgot an important lesson. Don’t think of the things you buy as purchases. Think of them as investments.

You buy stocks, bonds, and munis as investments. Why not a shovel?

Had I spent a bit more that shovel might not have broken.

The point is that now I have to buy another shovel (the better one) and end up with 1 shovel for the price of two and a half.

Not smart. Don’t pay twice for something once.

Our productivity and personal growth works the same way.

Spend a bit more (time, money, effort) and get a greater reward.

Don’t read books: invest in yourself by spending time. Do leadership trainings not because of what you’ll get but for what it would make of you.*

That’s smart.

* from Jim Rohn’s lessons on life and experiences.

One thought on “Value vs. Worth

  1. I try to think about how long and often I will use something. So I buy the expensive iPhone because I live on it personally and for work and I have 19,000 pictures on it and 5,000 songs so I don’t want to run out of space. As for shovels, at this point might as well buy one that will last the rest of your life. 🙂


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