Following on from my last post.

Meditation has a weird place in western culture. Christians wonder if it’s sacrilege to practice meditation. Others just find it weird.

I was both. I started to examine meditation in when I got hooked up with the Warrior Brotherhood. The main coach, Garrett J. White, extols the virtues of mediation. His guidance led me to wanting to try.

But I felt weird.

I tried and “failed”. realized that I needed help. There’s no authoritative guide to meditation. The greatest thing is that it is what you want it to be.

I found this app, Insight Timer, and it put structure around the whole practice. It’s another freeimum deal but the free stuff is really good.

If you’ve been looking for “something” but are unsure what that might be, try meditation.

Golden rule: the only bad meditation is no meditation.

Insight Timer