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Change is the only constant. – Heraclitus (maybe?)

We all experience change. I won’t say that change just happens. Sometimes we choose the change. Sometimes change happens to us.

New job? Change by choice. New baby? Change by choice. Car wreck totaled your car and now you need a new one? Change happens.

Change, in all its forms, is a fact of life and will be for you whole life.

Ever meet someone at work who got bent because they had to move desks? Imagine if they got fired. Some people don’t deal well with change.

Rather than fighting change we need to accept it. See the positives. Change comes as either good or bad. If you take a new job you have good change. “Bad” change is the change that happens to you.

Maybe the real answer to coping with change is that all change, good and bad, is inevitable. Learn to accept that and embrace the change.

David Bowie new that: There’s gonna have to be a different man.