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Companies and organizations operation on two basic forms of “currency”. Ideas and relationships. These are the coins of the realm. This is how work gets done.

All businesses are founded and operate, at some level, on a basic idea. Maybe you have a business where the foundational idea is service to others. Or money in your pocket; food on the table, roof over your head.

Your idea doesn’t have to be some grandiose thing. But it has to be a thing. Businesses that fail to thrive usually have an ill defined foundation.

Relationships are the same way. Every relationship in your life (work, home, etc.) has some idea at the root. Your marriage, your kids, your boss.

Attached is an article on ideas in the workplace, but I think the idea should extend to your whole life. Commit yourself to finding and refining your ideas. Use that to form and reform the basis of your relationships. Start with the idea of your relationship with yourself. That’s called your personal philosophy. Find the YOU first, and then move on.

Use ideas to lay groundwork and relationships to build upward.

How to Create an Idea-Driven Organization