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Have you ever spent time after work stewing about a problem? Sure, we all have and we need to stop.

Dale Carnegie made it a point to say that worry without action is wasted energy. Thinking about a problem you either 1) can’t do anything about or 2) can’t do anything about right now creates stress.

Many of us endure a ton of stress. Some people even make it a point of pride how much stress they can “handle”. And it’s unhealthy!

We aren’t meant to be under the constant, unrelenting stress of work. It’s important that we understand how to segment the work and non-work parts of our lives. Ever feel like your job is taking over everything in your life. It is!

HBR offers a method of how to leave your work at work. Again, this is a freemium model. If you’ve maxed out on free articles, try using a different browser.

5 Ways to Leave Your Work Stress at Work