I’m a big fan of journaling. I like the idea of regularly writing things down and keeping that writing for later.

Maybe I’m over sentimental.

Many people say they want to keep a journal. Most don’t. Many of the most successful people keep some form of journal. I started journaling on a whim. I quickly fell in love with it.

I started when I was 40. I wish I had started earlier.

It’s not about the writing. It’s about the thinking that goes along with the writing.

This blog is a form of a journal.

I have many journals for different reasons. All have their purpose and all give me some benefit. Professional, developmental, personal, and therapeutic.

I use journaling to think through problems, review my mistakes, and consider options. It’s a free form of therapy and growth catalyst.

If you’ve ever wanted to start journaling, try the link below. It’s a “getting started” type of guide.

Stay with it. It’s a dicipline. And it’s so worth it.

The Complete Guide to Keeping a Journal