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“I don’t know why I even do this job! I’m clearly not very good at it.” My friend Tom once said this in frustration. He was having a bad day at work. He felt like a failure.

Whenever I’m having a bad day I say this to myself. It brightens my mood.

Ever have a bad day? As if, maybe, you shouldn’t have your job at all? The sinking feeling that you aren’t cut out for the work at hand?

It’s called imposter syndrome, and it’s real.

The post for tonight is, again, from Seth Godin. He very clearly calls out the steps in personal development from zero to better. The hardest part is step two; the step where we try something and fail.

The important thing is to keep pushing. Growing, learning, and developing isn’t a straight line. Keep pushing. I’m not saying you need to devote 10,000 hours for every new skill, but don’t quit when you hit a setback.

You are worth more to the world as a person who tried than as a person who never had the courage in the first place.

On feeling incompetent

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