There is PLENTY of research showing that pen and paper had benefits over digital note taking.

If you’re like me, you have a hybrid analog/digital system for work/life. And maybe it works and maybe it doesn’t.

But what if you prefer more structure around your work? Would it be handy to have a set of pre-made forms and tools for you to use?

That’s exactly the problem designer Dave Seah experienced. And, like any creative person, he built his own solution.

Dave’s website has a TONS of productivity tools. Most are in color and cover topics like task capture, project planning, and note taking. Nearly all of them are free. The Emergent Task Planner is especially good.

He also runs a “virtual coworking” space for those who work at home to feel more connected to the outside world.

I’m a Patreon supporter of his because I believe in the work he does.

If you enjoy DIY and need better structure in your workflow, I really encourage you to check out his stuff.