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“You can’t manage time. Time just is. You don’t mismanage five minutes and wind up with four, or six.” – David Allen

You can find hundreds of time management schemes with the promise of accelerating your production. They tend to focus on one fact: time is time. You can’t change it. The best you can do is to spend it as wisely as possible.

The GTD system is a list management system. You write everything down, figure out what needs doing, and off you go.

Your calendar is a list. The only catch is that calendars incorporate time. Go to your staff meeting at 10am not 10:18 but. o one cares when you buy eggs, so long as you do.

The link below is for a Lifehacker article on timeboxing. TD;DR: If something needs doing, on or before a specific time/place/temporal coordinates, schedule it. Living by your calendar is an excellent way of making sure things get done.

Status reports are tasks with time elements. Your monthly status report is due when? Every month on a specific day. So you schedule time to do your report to hit the deadline. Pretty straightforward.

Ever miss a deadline because you “forgot” about something? I bet you didn’t put it in your task list calendar.

Make Your Days More Productive By Timeboxing