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I’ve talked about this before. Organization is the best way to feel comfortable with the business of your life.

Organization isn’t only for your work. We tend to think of productivity in the co text of our jobs. All things are work including your personal life. Work life balance means applying the same rigor to your personal world as it does to your business. It makes no sense to have your work life all buttoned up while your home life is a disaster.

I’ve blogged about the benefits of Getting Things Done before. It’s the system I’ve used for over a decade and has helped me to get all aspects of my life in order. It’s not the only path.

The blog I’m sharing tonight is geared for project managers, but the content applies to a much wider audience.

If you feel out of control in any aspect of your life, please read this blog. I think you’ll find at least one good idea for you to start regaining control.

Start with just a little. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take it slow. I was there once myself.

My Secret To Finally Getting Organized: Why PMs Need A Personal Organization System