Journaling. The art of writing it all down.

I keep a journal and I write in it almost every night. I won’t bore you with scientific studies about the benefits of journaling. They exist.

All the positive things you’ve heard. about journaling are true. They’re true if you allow them to be.

The method you use, paper, digital or hybrid almost doesn’t matter. The trick is making the effort to note things of note.

There are dozens of reasons I could give you for journaling. I won’t because the one reason I miss might be the one that matters to you. Try and find your why.

Bottom line: journaling is a powerful way to express yourself and access power. It’s free and it’s within you all the time.

Try it. Take a few minutes and review your day. And maybe do it tomorrow. And maybe the next day. Write things that matter. Write happy things. Write sad things. Write weird things. Write.

My only regret is that I started so late in life.

The Complete Guide to Keeping a Journal