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George Carlin said it best when confronted with worry.

Worry and anxiety are frequent companions for many people. Myself included. I recently finished the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Even though it was written in 1948 I found the advice relevant today.

Let me explain.

I tend to overthink things. Its my nature as a deliberative person.

In the past, I would cope by applying logic and rational thinking. I achieve reasonable success.

The author of this book, Dale Carnegie, offers a better way. In any situation think of the worst possible outcome, accept that as the only outcome, and begin your response. The method is simple. It takes the unknown and gives you control.

What if you knew that you were for sure going to get into a car accident? You choose a different route and avoid the crash. Rather than live with the anxiety of impending doom you CHOOSE to take action. You don’t worry about a car accident you aren’t going to have.

When you’re feeling anxious calm down and have some dip.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living