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Leo Babauta of is one of my favorite personal development bloggers. He offers a unique perspective on life and the nature of work.

In the post “Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude”, he questions why we struggle against the awkward nothingness that can randomly appear. We fill our lives with non-stop stuff. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t right for us.

The questions he asks are:

What would it be like to disconnect every single day for an hour? To remove ourselves from TVs, books, devices, and just go out for a walk? To not be productive, but connected to nature?

We didn’t evolve to live in a constantly switched on world. When the sun went down it was a  nudge telling our ancestors to take a step back. The day is over. Time for rest.

The sun ran our days and it’s why blue light from our devices is wrecking people’s sleep.

So this weekend take a step back. Breath and enjoy being. No email, no notifications, no alerts.

Just be.

Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude