I must be in some kind of reflective mood this week. My posts are all focused on some aspect of well being.

Tonight is no different.

I want to offer the gift of perspective. Too often we can become so engrossed in the “weeds” of life and work that we fail to see the larger picture. Yesterday, I wrote about the need for distractions and balance.

Tonight I want to focus on context and how it relates to balance. It is so easy to lose sight of what is truly important. The quickest way to lose that vision is to lose your ability to see larger forces at work.

The digital watch is a perfect example, and summed up well in this link. McCullough makes a strong point about the immediacy of now and how its focus can make us lose our path

So take a moment and center yourself. Think of all the things you trade for other things. Maybe a day of your life for a friend who’s moving into a new house. A day of your life answering emails. Your health for a dollar.

Find your way to your path and then do everything you can to stay there.