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Productivity blogs, like this one, hinge on the idea that people can do more, accomplish more, and achieve more by “hacking” our way to some work-utopia.

You’ll hear the word “multitasking” and the promise of 2x – 10x the work output.

And it’s a lie.

You don’t get something for nothing. In this case you get less for more.

Want proof? Try this little experiment and see how well you multitask. I did this in a training class and it really opened my eyes.

Multitasking is a literately a waste of time. The more tasks you try and accomplish the lower your quality and longer your time will be.

If you focus on one task, keep that focus, and only move on when your task is complete, you’ll be better of in the long run.

It’s harder than you think. Its something I struggle with. See that new mail notification? Turn it off. Does your computer ding when you get an alert? Turn it off.

Smart phones are a whole different level of distraction. I won’t get into here.

Try it this week. Do one thing at a time. Don’t switch tasks. Don’t glance at email. Just keep plugging through. I’m betting you’ll struggle at first and get better over time.

The Myth of Multitasking Test