Remaking a classic song while combining it with a southern rock anthem is a risky move that might not pay off, except when it did.

People deal with risk on a daily basis. It might be eating at restaurant with questionable health standards, picking a fight with a competitor, or driving too fast in a snowstorm (I did this this morning).

The article below is about the risk associated with investing. It talks a lot about the ups and downs of money management and how it connects to the teaching of Friedrich Nietzsche.

The takeaway is that while risk can be mitigated in dozens of ways the solution is always the same: action. Concentrated directive action. The phrase “face your fears” is an oversimplified way of saying mitigate your risks.

Figure out the thing that needs to be done and do it.

Risk, and the associated emotional baggage, is something that is neither avoidable or crippling.

You might not get food poisoning, lose a fight you started, or get overly sideways in your car if you objectively examine situations and take proactive actions. Rational intentionality is the only real medicine for risk.

If you read the article, try and ignore the investing angle, and look at the concepts from a larger perspective.

Conquering your fears means conquering the game.

Nietzsche, Optimizing Risk And Embracing Disasters