Tonight’s thought on productivity centers on leadership in reverse.

There is an argument for the delegation of tasks to the most suitable person. The basis of this argument is efficiency and productivity. Fast and efficient workers work fast and efficiently. I agree with this approach. But what if that person is you?

Leaders do more harm by doing things they are good at rather than handling off tasks. It doesn’t make sense from an efficiency standpoint.

What you, as a leader, are doing when you do take tasks yourself is deny your team the opportunity to learn. You’ve failed your team on the promise of development and training.

We owe it to our people to give them opportunities to try new things and gain new skills. Will they fail? Yes. Will they get discouraged? Yes. Will they want to give up? Yes.

That’s when a true leader shows up and provides guidance and encouragement. That’s when YOU need to fill your role as a mentor. When an employee grows you make your business stronger.

Do yourself a favor and do someone else a favor.

Leaders Doing What You’re Good At Hurts Your Team