Time for a quick, easy productivity tool.

The temptation for office dwellers these days is to keep everything in a computer. It makes sense. Computers never forget or lose things. People do.

Our brains didn’t evolve using computers. The interworkings of our minds can’t make sense of it. We have a harder time with recall when typing versus handwriting. Here’s an NPR story about how handwriting is linked to memory.

We evolved using paper. Many high end professionals are ditching electronic tools for good old fashioned paper. I went back to pens and notepads and have found my memory improved.

The links I’m sharing tonight discuss the power of the index card. Writing things out is a lost productivity power tool.

You can get a pack of 100 for less than a buck. The value you get will far exceed the cost.

The Lost Art of Index Cards

Why Index Cards Are an Invaluable Productivity Tool