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There are a TON of people, like myself, in the productivity and development blogging space. Some take the path of focusing on one subject and creating lots of content. Others, like myself, tackle a single subject at a time.

And then there’s Nicholas Bate.

He runs a productivity blog called Strategic Edge and takes slightly different angle. I present a single tool, concept, or commentary per post. Think of it like a targeted, surgical strike that drives to the heart of a topic.

Nicholas takes the carpet bomb approach. His blog regularly featured dozens of posts on a related topic. The post I’ll share here is called “The Simplest of Productivity Boosters”. It contains the FIRST 26 of 50 entries. I expect tomorrows blog to have the remaining 24.

And he does this all the time. He’s a study in voluminous, high quality, hyper specific content. His site is no frills and his content is easily accessible. Take a look and subscribe to his site. I hope you learn and much as I have.

The Simplest of Productivity Boosters