I’ve been doing too much heady stuff lately. Tonight I offer a neat productivity tool.

Taking physical notes is a better way to capture information than clacking away on a laptop. I prefer the feel of paper and a good pen or pencil. The problem is that unless your notebook is with you 24/7, there’s always a chance you’ll need something and be able to find it.

Enter e-notetakers.

iPad Pros with Apple Pencils are a fantastic tool for taking notes. They will also set you back $800 plus.

An alternative would be to strip down the device to a single feature. Note capture like paper but in electronic form. The Boogie Board does exactly this.

Retina display? No. 300+ dpi e-ink? Not exactly. Will it make all the cool kids want to be your friend? Not a chance.

What the Boogie Board Sync will do is offer a paper like drawing surface with real-time Bluetooth sync to a phone. For $80. It does one thing really well.

If you’re looking to change up your information capture methods this might be worth a look.

Boogie Board Sync