Last week I slogged through my yearly required trainings. Topics like, harassment, active shooters, and fire safety.

I spent 6 hours dragging myself through course after online course. Waste of time? Pointless? No (after your think about it) I’ve taken training like that for the last 15+ years. Here’s the highlights:

1) If someone has a gun, you do what they say. (I’ve been through this one personally. True story)

2) Keep your hands to yourself.

3) Don’t be a hero. (This applies to several situations. Specificity is irrelevant)

4) Expect the same thing next year.

Rather than being irritated I started thinking. I had to this because someone cares about me. They care about my well being. This training is there to protect me. It’s there to protect others.

Yes, there’s a mountain of legal and federal requirements that play into this, but I’d like to think that employers would be doing this anyway.

The point is that when you are presented with a have to try and mentally shift to want to. I want to be a good steward for my responsibilities. I want to be able to help someone if they need it. No strings. No ulterior motives. Not unstated goals.

The next time you find yourself asking “why am I being forced to do this?” consider the possibility of doing it not for yourself but for someone else.