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And only one bothered to say thanks.


Not a work productivity tip but a life productivity tip. Gratitude can help you be happier. Its a fact. You can google any number of studies that show that practicing gratitude can make you happy.

Gratitude is something that takes a directed effort. Its something that can be practiced everyday. It takes intention. It costs nothing and the more you give away the better it is for you.

I practice gratitude every morning. I write down three things I am grateful for. Today it was my quick wit. Yesterday it was my digital-to-analog converter to listen to great sounding music. Tomorrow it might be tacos.

Actually, I’m grateful for tacos right now.

This link goes to a Facebook show called Returning The Favor. Its hosted by Mike Rowe and has the premise of thanking those who selflessly serve others. Its a masterclass in gratitude.

Take a minute. One minute and be thankful for something. Anything. Your family. Your car. Your pen. Your noise cancelling headphones. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.

Right now, I’m thankful you read this far. Thank you.