I was thinking about tonight’s post when this song came on. It really drove home my point in a way only 80’s blues-rock can.

We, in our lives, accumulate things that either create angst or are so uninspiring we ignore their existence. Which begs the question: why do we have all this stuff?

Enter minimalism. The art of less is more. The book Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life draws a contrast between happiness and stuff. It would seem that the pursuit of more has given us less. And whole lot of crap for our trouble.

We work to get more things while never getting rid of the old stuff. This Mother Jones article on the self storage industry states that “It took 25 years for the first billion square feet of storage space to be built. The second billion square feet was built in just 8 years.” Things are getting worse.

The best word I’ve ever come across to describe this is cruft. It has roots in computer software and can reflect a condition across many aspects our lives. It defines something that needs to be removed. Known excess with no purpose.

Minimalism requires a change in mindset. A willingness to say “I want that. I don’t need that.” And maybe asking for someone’s lovin’ implies the hugs and kisses. Maybe that’s all the happiness we need.