Well, no. Nobody really likes conflict. No one likes dealing with it or working to resolve it. Yet, this is a very real and potentially corrosive aspect of our working lives.

I’ve dealt with conflict a lot in my career. A lot of which I have been the cause of. I’ve learned how to avoid situations where things might go sideways. Mostly I’ve learned to apologize.

My company is in the middle of a merger/acquisition/etc with a much bigger company. It’s a good thing but lots of people are dealing with change. Change causes stress and makes for short tempers. Accidental comments can foster real resentment.

When this happens, we need to be willing to get over ourselves and work things out. We owe to ourselves, our peers, and our organizations. It’s one of the hardest things about being human.

I dealt with this twice today. Both had positive outcomes. Your mileage may vary. It’s worth the risk.

If you’ve been avoiding a tough conversation, you need to take action. The longer you let it go, the greater potential for permanent damage.

Be yourself. Be willing to accept blame. Be able to make an honest effort to make amends.

If enough people did this, we’ll all be better off.