One of the most powerful tools in my production arsenal is my todo list. It’s daunting when you sit down and really, really look at all the things you either have to do or have made commitments around. You need to know what needs doing in a straightforward way.

As a part of the Getting Things Done methodology, the capture of tasks is the basis of true production. When I finally got all that “stuff” out of my head and in front of me I felt free to actually solve problems and do my best work. It’s critical to actually know what you need to do and when it has to happen.

Having everything laid out before you can either excite or terrify. I was terrified when I saw all the things I had to do. I was overwhelmed. And then I got to work.

11 years later and everyday I empty my head. My capture point is the app Todoist. It’s fast, easy to learn, and has both mobile and web based interfaces. There’s even an Alexa skill. But I’ll save digital assistants and productivity for another post.

There are a million todo apps out there and I encourage you to experiment and find the one that works best for you. Or, get a notebook and a pen. Analog is just as valid as anything’s else.

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