“The Power Of Failure”? I have heard some of the most powerful and respected people go on and on about the power of failure. Whole subcultures have sprung up around making failures seem noble. There’s even a name for it: Failure Porn.

I can’t help but wonder about the authenticity of someone who, even when they “fail” aren’t really risking anything. Did Steve Jobs spend nights freaked out about the G4 Mac Cube’s failure? Probably not. What did he have to lose?

For real people, who have more than a little to lose, failure can be a gigantic thing. Enough to crush dreams. Enough to make you second guess yourself.

I failed today. In a big way and on multiple levels. Preventable? Yup. Did I prevent it? Nope.

What to do? Rage quit the situation? Not likely, I have something to lose. All I can do is move on. Learning lessons? It’s the painful ones that teach the most.

This link below is to a blog of a guy who is risking public failure on a weekly basis. My point here isn’t for you to click the link and cringe, but to understand the larger lesson. There is something to be gained in all failure. The difference is that sometimes the reasons aren’t noble.

A poetry project dedicated to the risk of creative failure.
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